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All You Need to Know About The Hudson River Fellowship

All You Need to Know About The Hudson River Fellowship


Wethersfield was founded on the idea of bringing art and nature together. It currently aspires to build programs to cultivate artists within its unique location, including fields, formal gardens, and expansive vistas across the rolling hills of Dutchess County, as part of its devotion to classicism. The artists in residence will have access to all of these resources. 

Ponds, marshes, and 20 miles of pathways with sculptures are all included in the landscape, as is a magnificent mansion with Palladian windows and Annigoni frescoes for inspiration.

The Hudson River Fellowship is a prestigious prize presented yearly to 15 classically trained, aspiring landscape painters who are invited to gather for a three-week collaborative fellowship in various magnificent sites in the Northeastern United States.

Hudson river fellowship

Wethersfield Estate Information:

Wethersfield, about 10 miles northeast of Millbrook, was Chauncey Devereux Stillman’s rural residence (1907-1989). Mr. Stillman gave Wethersfield to Wethersfield Foundation, a non-profit organization founded in 1938. Wethersfield was offered to the public for open space and aesthetic enjoyment following Mr. Stillman’s death in 1989. Wethersfield is a 1,200-acre estate in Northeast Dutchess County, including Wethersfield Main House, Gardens, Carriage House, and Farm.

The Hudson River Fellowship Program is comprised of the following components:

The Hudson River Fellowship, formed by artist Jacob Collins as an extension of instruction at New York City’s Grand Central Atelier, is patterned after Hudson River School artists’ aesthetic, social, and spiritual principles.

Hudson river fellowship landscape painting

Artist Information:

Rather than being a formally guided experience, Fellowship is intended to be a collaborative, experimental one. Throughout the three weeks, Senior Fellows will be joining. While they appreciate sharing their skills and are frequently found giving demonstrations or leading group critiques, they are mostly encouraged to come to produce work with a group of like-minded artists.


COVID Policies:

Please keep in mind that all Hudson River Fellows must be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 and up to date on any boosters they are eligible for. Wethersfield is dedicated to providing a safe and social environment for all participants. As the COVID-19 scenario evolves on the ground, so will our residence and participation requirements. We are dedicated to adhering to all CDC criteria, and for fellows who may be traveling overseas, additional restrictions may apply. Proof of immunization and a PCR test within 72 hours after the entrance to Wethersfield is necessary. At the time of writing, admittance also required a same-day quick exam.

Hudson river fellowship landscape paintings

Summer Residency in Landscape Painting:

The Hudson River Fellowship creates and promotes a new American art movement based on Hudson River School painters’ aesthetic, social, and spiritual principles. It combines a resurgence of interest in the ancient American artists, a vibrant but unfocused scene of modern landscape painting, and the pressing need for a revitalized love for the country. The program focuses on and directs a new generation of painters by resurrecting the skills and spirit of pre-impressionist landscape painters as artists learn to attentively observe and reflect on trees, clouds, grass blades, cliffs, streams, and oceans.

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