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Charlie Pickard


Charlie Pickard was born and raised in London. From a very early age he began to show great interest in the world of art, which he got into as soon as he had the opportunity. He decided that LARA, the most prestigious school in the UK for traditional oil painting methods, would be his next step in the art world. He was accepted into the school in 2012, when he was 18 years old. He started this stage in order to perfect and refine his style and was driven by his vocation and passion to reach the highest level in his studies. He did so during the 4 years he stayed there.

Once he left LARA, Charlie has never stopped wanting to learn and evolve as an artist. Proof of this are the many trips he has made around the globe seeking to nurture his knowledge with some of the best contemporary figurative artists. Always at the same time, of course, showing his work to the world, as evidenced by his many exhibitions both locally (in London, mainly) and internationally (Australia, Canada and Spain have hosted some of Charlie Pickard’s works).


Alla prima is Charlie’s most recurrent style, and he does it from the natural in oil. There is a reason for this choice, and it is that the artist considers that it is in this way that the painting acquires the correct color and collocation, making the connection between the subject and the painting more direct and intense.

This technique requires a lot of accuracy, as it is necessary to simplify the subject; this, however, also has its good side, and that is that in this way the essence and expression of the work acquires a maximum level. This is how Charlie Pickard sees it: the artist has to “bring out the best version” of the subject, and this is achieved by selecting what is most convincing and making it even more evident to the viewer. The result? A work with a clear narrative that resonates with the viewer. In Charlie’s works, no brushstroke is given at random; all of them represent a fragment of the story he intends to tell.


After knowing the artist Charlie Pickard’s journey, what do you think about the idea of seeing him work live, and make your own painting following his indications? Charlie will visit Madrid Academy of Art from March 30 to April 3. Are you interested?


2018 – Summer Art show – 50 Brooke Street

2017 – Royal Society of Oil painters – Mall Galleries London

2016 – Atelier: The Art of Representation – Mall Galleries London

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