Cesar Santos is well-known for his figurative paintings, combining classical aesthetics and current philosophy from his different life experiences. His work has been shown in museums around the United States, Europe, Latin America, and Asia, including the Museum of Art and Design in Miami, the Villa Bardini Museum in Florence, the National Gallery of Costa Rica, and the Bejing World Art Museum in China. He attended the New World School of the Arts in 2000 but dropped out shortly before graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts to pursue his visual language. He graduated from the Angel Academy of Art in Florence, Italy, in 2006. His art is an inquiry of contrast and form, emphasizing opposites and putting old-school skills to use to develop ideas.

Using old-school ways to mold thoughts into lyrical and dramatic compositions. His work may be included in permanent collections of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sicily, the New Salem Museum and Academy of Fine Art in Massachusetts, and the Museum of Art and Design in Miami.

cesar santos1


Statement of Art

The physical qualities of My Art/ reflect the personal manner in which it was formed. Each page of my notebook gives rise to a mental vision with the free flow by combining materials such as paper, graphite, charcoal, gesso, and oil paint.

Each page represents a rediscovering of self as a conscious being who is oblivious of the disarray of our priorities. He builds arrangements based on the communal understanding of order and chaos.

His compositions result from a contemplative investigation into what causes us to look deeper into ourselves. His characters reveal a physical feature through a visual or sensory journey to what is unknown.

Cesar Santos Painter senses a crisis in the individual as an organism losing contact with the transcendent in a moment of great intercommunication. The pages of his sketchbook provide a compensating adjustment to his awareness’s limits.

He is exploring a technique that, at first look, may appear to be similar to the known because he is constantly assaulted with historical and modern technical forms to depict the visual world. 

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Some Reviews about His Paintings

Art transcends form. Great art exceeds records greatly. If “significant form” exists, perhaps it exists as a perfect essence through which art reveals itself when informed intent is conveyed perfectly through skilled expression.- M.C. Guilmet.

After my last message about George Condo’s advanced goofiness, dozens of emails remarked about art relating to the art of others. Art about art is in tsunami mode these days. The wave made me want to say a few words about Cesar Santos.- Robert Genn.

Possibly one of the best art exhibitions that I’ve seen in recent months is presently on view at the Oxenberg Fine Art gallery in Wynwood… for a few more weeks only. Artist Cesar Santos has achieved a coup with his extraordinary artistic palette, masterful brush strokes, whimsical winks at the viewers, and a blissful acknowledgment of dozens of old masters.- Robert Gil.