Portrait Nights


TECHNIQUE: Drawing and Oil Painting
LEVEL: Beginner - Advanced
DURATION: Choose between 4 or 11 weeks
HOURS: Monday to Friday from 8pm - 10pm (10h weekly)
EXTRA: With natural model

Who are you going to learn with?

“I like that the professors comment, not only what is done in the academy, but what they do outside, the paintings they do personally, the processes… It is super interesting because they are now opening the way and it gives you clues as to how in the future you can do it…”

Jared Guerra

Jared Guerra

Instructor Comparative Method

Martin Miranda

Martin Miranda

Instructor Sight-Size Method

What exercises are you going to work on?

“The time you dedicate to it is to achieve a goal that they have clear. And if you have fulfilled it and you have fulfilled it well, because they are very demanding, a door opens to the next phase. Then you see that you are moving towards something…”

Jared´s drawing
  • Beginning level portrait drawing
  • Initial level atmospheric drawing
  • Beginning level artistic anatomy
  • Portrait drawing in short and long poses advanced level
Portait Paining Martin Miranda
  • Grisaille – Cast Paint
  • Limited Palette – Cast Paint
  • Full Palette: Portrait Short and Long Poses
  • Expressive and gesture painting