How Did the Academy Start?

Nadezhda Molugova, the Academy’s Director, and a small group of outstanding Russian academics formed the Florence Classical Arts Academy in 2009. Their teaching techniques and curriculum are cutting-edge, but they also reflect an unbroken line of creative history dating back more than 300 years. The Academy is housed in the picturesque Italian city of Florence, the cradle of the Renaissance and a source of inspiration for many generations of artists.

The narrative of their teaching technique begins over 300 years ago when the Imperial Court started sending Russia’s most gifted young painters to Italy and France to learn from the masters of the day to modernize Russian society. 

What Do They Do?

They train artists from all over the world using their one-of-a-kind applied knowledge technique. Their pupils develop into skilled painters who can paint and sketch from models and their imaginations. Their students graduate with the knowledge, practice, fresh perspectives on their environment, and a portfolio ready for presentation to potential patrons and employees.


The Mission and Vision:

They want to recreate the Renaissance in the current world through significant artistic expression. This objective is realized through teaching the ideas and concepts that inspire classical art while simultaneously preserving the highest technical and practical standards of excellence.

It is to empower and teach students in the core skills and abilities required to work as professionals in the field of visual arts.

Their Beliefs:

 They are committed to their pupils. They place high importance on one-on-one contact between students and teachers. They also promote a flexible and personalized approach to education. As a result, they work in groups of 10–15 people. They cherish each student’s nourishment and growth and the development of their distinctive artistic style and taste. 


Admission Process You Should Know:

  1. Submit your formal online application here:
  2. Email your portfolio to The Board of Professor’s analyses your work, and the Admissions Office contacts you in the following working week about your admission.

Requirements for a portfolio:

Images around four to eight of your artworks must be presented in a single PDF file, with the following information listed beneath each slide: method, size, and name. The artworks should preferably have been made within the past 12 months. 

They welcome students with varying levels of preparedness.

  1. Once approved, you must pay a registration fee over the following 15 days to ensure your spot on the course. Inquire about bank information by email.
  2. Scan your primary passport page and send it to us.
  3. Complete the Privacy Payer form with your information. If someone else is paying for your course instead of you, then please complete two forms: one for you and one for that person/organization.
  4. Pay the tuition costs by the dates. Note that you will receive a discount if you pay your tuition costs by the “early enrollment” deadlines.