London Fine Art Studios- A Haven for Devoted Artists

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History of the Studio

Ann Witheridge started London Fine Art Studios to teach the trade of drawing and painting to a community of devoted artists.

Ann studied art history at Christ’s College, Cambridge, before traveling to Italy to pursue full-time studies in art. She has taught drawing and painting in an atelier style for almost two decades. The studio accepts students of all skill levels and offers a friendly learning environment to master new techniques and get a greater appreciation of figurative heritage.

Ann and her colleagues can now teach hands-on, creative techniques to individuals in their own homes, offering in-depth feedback and a close community network, just as they do at their London studios, thanks to Workshop’s unique learning experience.


Art Courses Offered

  • Full time/part-time — a structured training program that provides both depth and breadth. Learn the master’s classical approaches, principles of direct painting, and the challenge of working from life. Ideal for ambitious professional artists as well as hobbyists. Mondays-Saturday 9.45 am – 4.30 pm.
  • Foundation: — an in-depth look at principles of sketching and oil painting. We break down an artist’s process into distinct stages and provide you with the skills and confidence to discover your artistic personality. Mondays and Tuesdays, 9.45 am–12.45 pm, 1.30–4.30 pm, 6.30–9.15 pm; Saturdays, 9.45 am–12.45 pm and 1.30–4.30 pm.
  • Short Classes & Workshops — a year-round roster of courses in the figure, portrait, still-life, landscape, cast drawing, etching, sculpting, and workshops with visiting foreign artists.
  • Sculpture- working in clay from a life model in our ambient and well-equipped studio provides a conducive learning environment. On Monday evenings (7.00 – 9.00 pm) and Tuesdays (9.45 am – 12.45 pm / 1.30 – 4.30 pm), beginners and advanced classes are provided.
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  • I’d want to join the Studios, but I’ve already attended painting lessons. Should I take the Foundation Course, or may I join any other program?

All newcomers, regardless of skill, who join up for the standard term (10 weeks)* undergo Foundation Course. It covers principles of drawing and painting as well as the approach of the school.

Some aspects of the training may be familiar to you, while others may be unfamiliar. However, in our experience, everyone benefits from finishing Foundation Course since it assures that we all use the same vocabulary and get to the intended endpoint more effectively.

  • I’ve never taken painting courses before, but I’ve always wanted to. Are your classes appropriate for total beginners?

The Foundation Course is designed for total beginners. It is intended to provide students with an in-depth introduction to the art of drawing and painting. Newcomers are grouped and, to the greatest extent practicable, remain a cohort throughout their official training.

1:1 critiques and demonstrations are used to provide instruction. Students are also encouraged to monitor their peers and learn from people in their surroundings. In our diary, you may read about one student’s experience.

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