Online Program Drawing and Painting


Online Drawing and Painting Classes

  • TECHNIQUE: Drawing and Oil Painting
  • LEVEL: Beginner – Advanced
  • DURATION: 11 weeks
  • SCHEDULE: Monday to Friday from 11.30am-2pm or from 3pm – 5.30pm (2h 30min)
Methodology: From your computer, you will be part of the face-to-face classes. The idea is to integrate you into the dynamics and procedures of face-to-face classes at the academy. You will be assigned exercises according to your level and learning ability. You will work on these exercises during the class and the teachers will give you feedback in each session on how to improve your work, they will tell you about the mistakes you may have, how to solve certain parts of the work in which you have gotten stuck, they will give you small specific demonstrations to explaining some concepts, in short, will help you move forward and solve the exercises. Content: The exercises that we are going to do are part of the academy’s curriculum, so if you come in person later, you will not have to do them again. En cuanto a los ejercicios a realizar (trabajaremos en grafito, carboncillo y óleo): – Dibujo de placa de Charles Bargue – Copia de obras maestras (dibujo y pintura) – Dibujo y pintura de yesos – Dibujo y pintura de bodegones. – Drawing and painting of portraits (photos) – Drawing and painting of figures (photos) – Landscape painting (photos)