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Grand Central Atelier

Grand Central Atelier is an art school located in Long Island City, Queens in New York City. Founded in 2008, the school is dedicated to the teaching of classical drawing and painting techniques. The school is headed by Jacob Collins, a professional painter and teacher who has been working in the classical tradition for over twenty years.

Grand Central Atelier‘s main focus is the study of classical painting techniques, such as the use of chiaroscuro, glazing, and sfumato, as well as the use of traditional materials and methods. In addition to these traditional disciplines, the school also teaches contemporary painting techniques and approaches. Students are taught how to use the available resources to create work that is both personal and powerful.

The Atelier also focuses on the instruction of drawing and painting from life. Students are taught how to accurately observe and render the human figure and other forms of nature. This is accomplished through both short and long poses, as well as the study of anatomy and perspective. By developing the skills necessary to accurately observe and render the human figure, students can create powerful and expressive works of art.

At Grand Central Atelier, the focus is on the development of the individual artist. Each student is encouraged to explore their own unique style and develop their skills. This individualized approach to instruction is combined with the school‘s dedication to the teaching of classical painting techniques. In addition to painting and drawing classes, students can also take classes in sculpture, printmaking and photography.

Grand Central Atelier is committed to providing its students with the highest quality of instruction and resources available. The school‘s faculty consists of experienced and respected artists, who are passionate about teaching and encouraging their students in their artistic pursuits. Grand Central Atelier also hosts workshops and intensive courses, as well as an annual summer program.

The Atelier is committed to providing its students with a comprehensive education. Students are encouraged to explore and develop their own unique style, while learning the fundamentals of classical painting and drawing. Grand Central Atelier provides students with a unique learning experience that combines the traditional with the modern, and encourages them to explore the possibilities of artistic expression.

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