20 scholarships of up to € 4000 per Academic year

Jaizki Arteagabeitia Fund

The purpose of the scholarship is to foster high standard in the study of drawing, painting, and sculpting. Acceptable categories include painting from life, drawing from the figure (nude), composition, landscape, and any other examples of your work which you think advisable.  



The Jaizki Arteagabeitia Fund is open to any student who will be pursuing any year, semester or term of their Full or Part-Time Program. Applicants must be enrolled or planning to enroll in the Full Time or Part Time Program. Applicants do not need to be accepted into the Program at the time of application, but if selected for a scholarship, proof of acceptance will be required.

Award Amount:

Twenty (10) scholarships will be awarded and will cover between 40% and 20% of the total cost* of tuition for the Program.

*These scholarships cover €4000 (on average) of the cost of tuition for the Full or Part-Time Program.

Important: as a scholarship student you must carry out a series of tasks, including maintaining order and cleanliness of the classrooms, preparing the set up of the model, helping in workshops, helping teachers, etc.


The scholarship has the duration of the nominal study period (from start to end date) of
the program for which the scholarship holder was selected up to a maximum of 1 academic year.


The scholarship holder must:

– Accept the scholarship and paid the rest of the program by the given deadline – the MAA reserves the right to withdraw the offer of a scholarship if it is not accepted by the given deadline.

– Join your academic course at the given start date and before the registration deadline.

– Be full-time available to attend the Performance Program.

– Do your best to successfully attend the Performance Program and make satisfactory progress.

– Follow the rules and regulations and instructions of the Madrid Academy of Art.

– Observe Spanish laws.

Required documentation

  • 3 high-resolution images of your works produced in the last 2 years.
  • A personal statement. Maximum 250 words about yourself.
  • Scholarship Application Form.
  • Attending a personal interview that will be conducted by the Scholarship Committee of the Academy.

Analysis of applicants and resolution:

The Scholarship Committee will be responsible for resolving which are the applications that meet the eligibility requirements established in the rules of this call.

Once all the required documentation has been submitted and the different interviews have been passed, each one of the applications will be resolved individually. The moment the number of favorable resolutions has reached the total of scholarships available, the submission of applications will finish.

This collegiate body reserves the right to requesting further documentation or clarification to any of the applicants, so that within a period of 5 working days they remedy the lack of or attach the required documents, with an indication of which, being aware that their application will be withdrawn otherwise.

The request for additional documentation will be made by written notification via the communication channels stated on the scholarship application.

The final resolution of the Scholarship Committee will be personally notified to the applicant. The decision made by the Chancellor to this effect is not subject to appeal.

value in painting

Terms & Conditions

  • The Madrid Academy of Art holds no responsibility for any entries not received through the application website.
  • The scholarships are not transferable.
  • The Madrid Academy of Art is not responsible for the length of the visa process or release of the appropriate visa for entry to Spain by the Spanish consular authorities in the countries of the winners.
  • The Madrid Academy of Art reserves the right to cancel or amend the scholarships and these terms and conditions without notice in the event of a catastrophe, war, civil or military disturbance, act of God or any actual or anticipated breach of any applicable law or regulation or any other event outside the promoter’s control. Any changes to the scholarships will be notified to entrants as soon as possible by the academy.


The Madrid Academy of Art may decide to withdraw the scholarship at any point if:

– it becomes clear or if there is reasonable doubt that the scholarship holder will not be able to successfully complete the program within the nominal scholarship period.
– the scholarship holder is not available on a full-time basis to pursue the program without interruption during the nominal study period.
– the scholarship holder does not comply with these obligations, or rules and
regulations and/or instructions of the Madrid Academy of Art.
– the scholarship holder does not comply with the applicable immigration procedures or cannot obtain a visa for any reason.
– the scholarship holder supplied information on the application form or accompanying documents (which formed the basis for the selection) that are found to be inaccurate or
makes a false declaration of any sort.
– the scholarship holder commits a criminal offense.